Hema Gaia, they/them
Durham, NC

I am a perfoming artist, musician, designer, and visual artist working across a variety of mediums with a unifying principle: the intentional repurposing of materials, honoring a commitment to sustainability and a recognition of Earth's finite resources.

I am interested in both extinct and extant nonhuman animals and today’s Homo sapiens relationship to them, their pasts, and their environments. My research gravitates around deep time history, the sensory worlds of nonhuman animals, and native ecologies in North Carolina. Additionally, I am continously curious about human psychology and philosophy, trying to understand what drives us to be ambivalent or proactive towards our collapsing enviornment.

Examples of questions guiding my work include:

How does human intervention and effects scale in comparison to North America’s deep time history?

What motivates people to take environmental considerations into account when making lifestyle choices?

How do nonhuman animals perceive and experiene the world and what can humans learn from it?

In my artistic practice, I act in alignment with an imagined future where resourcefulness and sustainability are our only option, whether or not by choice. By primarily using scrap materials, natural pigments, discarded objects, and organic elements in my physical work, I practice living in an artistic landscape that exists as-harmoniously-as-possible with our environment.

Whether through immersive performances or installations, my desire is to bring humanity closer to animal species without contributing to further encroachment upon their habitats.

Through my art, I attempt to communicate the shared exasperations, dread, dejection, anger, shame, and remorse experienced by myself and so many other humans born into

life today

choices I make

distance too vast to comprehend                     but with

information too abundant      to fully        

internalize just








2018 / BA in Graphic Design, College of Design, North Carolina State University

2023 / HENHOUSE SYNDROME, mixed media, Attic 506, Chapel Hill NC
2022 / Every Vote Everywhere All At Once (group show), installation piece, NCAAT and Run AAPI, Stafford Commons, NCSU, Raleigh NC
2022 / CARNIVORE GAMES, mixed media, Slug Space, Chapel Hill NC
2020 / LETHAL VISION (group show), video and audio production, Slug Space, Chapel Hill NC

2023 / Henhouse Syndrome, 30-min live music performance (guitar, drums, lyrics, electronic music), Nash Hall, Hopscotch Music Festival
2021 / Timecheck by Gudiya, 20-min audio/video composition and virtual performance, Music Gallery Toronto
2020 / The In-Between by Sand Pact, 55-min dance score composition, Shaleigh Dance Works
2019 / Tracer by Gudiya, 40-min audio/video composition and live performance, Hopscotch Music Festival

2022 - Current /  Music Elective Teacher, Central Park School for Children Middle School, Durham NC
2018 - 2020 / Camp Director, Girls Rock NC, Central NC
2017 - 2019 / Digital Media Consultant, NC State University Libraries, Raleigh NC
2016 - 2017 / Camp Counselor, Girls Rock NC, Central NC

2020 - 2023 / Team Coordinator, Girls Rock North Carolina, Raleigh-Durham, NC
2022 / Cultural Co-Director, Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC
2017 - 2019 / Board of Directors, South Carolina Youth Action Project, Charleston SC

2022 / Keynote Speaker, ACTAL Conference, NC State University Libraries, Raleigh NC
2019 / Workshop Instructor and Performer, WVKR: P1NK N01SEZ, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY
2018 / Panelist and Workshop Instructor, Ableton University Tour, NC State University Libraries, Raleigh